Certificate for the management system according to ДСТУ ISO 9001:2009 №UA2.171.09129-15


Limited Liability Company “EMV-ENERGO” (LLC) was founded in June, 2012, in Kyiv.  
To perform the production tasks, I&C System (I&C SRPD) in the frame of EMV- ENERGO, which defined the main direction of production activity of the enterprise, was established in September, 2012, in Lviv.

The basis of the Department is formed from 83 engineering-technical employees who came to EMV-ENERGO from JSC LvivORGRES.

This highly qualified staff is known for their successful work on thermal and nuclear power plants in Ukraine, as well as neighbor (Russia, Moldova, Belarus) and far (Iraq, Bulgaria) countries. In 1984-1986, the department specialists were the first in the former USSR who developed and implemented digital control systems by the most complex processes of the secondary loop equipment of nuclear power plants that have been implemented and operated on for a long time at Zaporizhzhya NPP (Ukraine), Balakovo NPP, Rostov NPP (Russia) and NPP "Kozloduy"(Bulgaria). After the completing of the equipment life time, our staff replicated them on new hardware. Our experts were the first in the former USSR, who developed and implemented a full-scale I&C system of a power unit on a microprocessor technology of domestic production (Minsk TPP-5, unit 330 MW, 1999, Belarus).

The scientific and technical staff potential allowed implementing I&C systems at 4 power units of Donetsk Fuel & Electricity Company and at 3 power units of Central Electricity Company during 2012-2013. At the same time, our staff carried out a number of other works on thermal and nuclear power plants in Ukraine and other countries.

In 2015, in the fighting conditions of   anti-terrorist operation in Donetsk oblast, the department specialists finished the implementing of a full scale I&C system at the second power unit of Vuglegirska TPP (the last one of four).

The experts of I&C SRPD took an active part in the development of regulatory documents that govern the requirements for participation of power plants in the primary and secondary frequency control in the United Electricity System (UES) of Ukraine.

Many I&C SRPD specialists received awards and honor certificates from Ministry of Energy and Central Electricity Company for achievements in the development of power engineering in Ukraine.

I&C SRPD team have had long scientific and industrial dealings with enterprises which have been working successfully on power plants in Ukraine and abroad, such as Westron, Monolith, Impulse, Kharkiv Complex Automation Institute, and an American company Westinghouse.

In June, 2015, LLC “EMV-ENERGO” quality management system passed the certification audit for compliance with the standard ISO 9001:2009. The company received an appropriate certificate № UA 2. 171. 09129-15, 02.07.2015.

In December, 2015, LCC “EMV-ENERGO” passed the audit of National Nuclear Energy Company “Energoatom”) and received the decision on approval of the supplier № РШ-П 0.03.098-15, 05.01.2016.

EMB-ENERGO is ready to offer the implementation of turnkey I&C projects, and the following benefits for the customer are obvious:
  • the cost of work corresponds to the level of payment for similar work in Ukraine;
  • the possibility of making a contract to perform the full range of works on I&C with EMV-ENERGO, which will design, supply the equipment, commission, and implement the engineering support throughout the life cycle.
1. An automatic general air control system with blast fan clutch on power unit № 2 of Kharkiv CHP-5 has been introduced
2. The expansion of the monitoring system at units 11 and 12 of Burshtyn TPP has been completed
3. Replacement of cable connections to the fittings of power units 1-4 o...
1 Implementation of the power unit control system № 2 Zaporizhzhya TPP
2 Supply of equipment for monitoring systems of power units № 11 and 12 of Burshtyn TPP
3 Service of PTC CCM units № 9 Burshtyn TPP and Prydniprovska TPP
1 The project of SAR of the turbine of block № 7 of Burshtyn TPP is developed
2 Service of PTC CCM unit № 9 of Prydniprovska TPP was carried out
3 Supply of equipment for SARCHP units № 2 and №4 of Zaporizhzhya TPP