Certificate for the management system according to ДСТУ ISO 9001:2009 №UA2.171.09129-15



I&C systems turnkey creation

I&C systems development

I&C System Research and Production Department (I&C SRPD) staff expertize allows to maintain works on any hardware and software platform preferred by a Customer.

When choosing a software and hardware platform which is offered by EMV-ENERGO to customers, the company EMV-ENERGO follows a number of criteria.

I&C  equipment should be:
  • A modern, highly reliable, tested, distributed control system that meets the technical requirements of designing I&C system for TPP  under construction and reconstruction;
  • Competitive cost;
  • Supplied and mounted within the required time according to  the terms and  requirements of specification;
  • Open for the maintenance by TPP staff, the principles of its construction  will enable TPP service personnel to operate and extend functions of the  system;
  • The manufacturer should deliver hardware or its parts to EMV-ENERGO to perform engineering and assembling by EMV-ENERGO staff.

According to the analysis, EMV-ENERGO is ready to offer five types of equipment produced by:
  • German-Russian venture TREI GmbH;
  • American company GENERAL ELECTRIC;
  • American company ROCKWELL AUTOMATION;
  • Swedish company АВВ;
  • Ukrainian company WESTRON.
The cooperation has been established with the listed companies.

In the completed projects of reconstruction of I&C systems of TPP units EMV-ENERGO used the equipment of TREI GmbH, which combines the German technology of development and production with the adaptation to the characteristics of design solutions specific to the plants designed in 1960-1990 in former USSR.

The department specialists are among the most experienced in Ukraine in the field of development, design and implementation of I&C systems.

Development scope includes the following:
  • Investigation of existing I&C systems condition, development of the report with recommendations on their modernization and reconstruction.
  • Development of modern full scale I&C systems and digital control systems of nuclear power units.

I&C systems design

Design scope includes the following:
  • Investigation of existing I&C systems condition, development of the report with recommendations on their modernization and reconstruction.
  • Project development of I&C systems for TPP units.
  • Development of algorithms for microprocessor control systems of thermal and nuclear power plants.
  • Supervision during the project implementation.

I&C systems equipment delivery

Equipment delivery scope includes the following:
  • The delivery of I&C systems components, such as controller cabinets, man-machine interface tools, various sensors and actuators, cables, etc. EMV-ENERGO has permanent and continuous relationships with manufacturers of production used for the I&C systems turnkey projects.

I&C systems commission

Commission scope includes the following:
  • Conducting of full range of commissioning works on control systems of thermal power and nuclear units, including the following:
    • Expertise of the project;
    • Supervision of installation;
    • Test program development;
    • Control systems adjustment;
    • Tests execution;
    • Trial systems operation;
    • Delivery of control systems to the Customer;
  • Carrying out the metrological certification of I&C measuring systems.
  • Organization of control systems maintenance.
  • I&C systems service support.
  • Development of I&C systems operation instructions.

Mathematical models development

Development scope includes the following:
  • Development of fossil and nuclear power plants technological equipment mathematical models for:
    • Control systems research and testing;
    • Carrying out the verification of control systems in a closed loop with a model for nuclear power units;
    • Using as the main component of the simulators.

Simulators development

Development scope includes the following:
  • Development, supplying, commissioning and service support of simulators for training TPP operating personnel.
Computer simulator for 200 МW unit, Moldova TPP
Computer simulator for 300 МW unit, Ladyzhin TPP


Turbine DEH systems development

Development scope includes the following:
  • Development, design and implementation of electronic part of turbine DEH regulatory system of thermal and nuclear power units according to ENTSO-E (UCTE) requirements.
1 Modernization the equipment of automatic regulation of power units №№1,2,3 Kharkiv TPP-5 in terms of transfer of new parameters according to the requirements of the Energy Market Rules.
2 Project works on technical re-equipment of ACS turbines and ACS frequency and power at Kyiv TPP-5 a...
1. Field equipment of the SME system of seven power units of Burshtyn TPP was installed
2. Developed and loaded into the controllers of the FS APCS for unit 11 of Moldova
3. Completed the commissioning of field equipment at the steam power plant of APCS unit №11 TPP of Moldova
Participation in the certification of SARPCH block number 1,2,3 of Kharkiv TPP-5
Submitted projects on the central power regulator block number 3 and expansion of monitoring of Burshtyn TPP