Certificate for the management system according to ДСТУ ISO 9001:2009 №UA2.171.09129-15
Zaporizhzhya NPP, block 1. Complex tests on the capacity of 81% Nnom at the beginning of the fuel company RU regarding the possibility of the participation of units in the NPRCH in the UES of Ukraine
Kharkiv TPP-5. Block 2. Completed NDP CCM.
Moldavian DRES. Work on the design of the modernization of the CCM of power units N11, 12.
Kharkiv TPP5 has begun. The supply of cabinets for the SDC CC.2 is completed.
LCME "Lvivteploenergo", CHP-1. The project of automation of steam boiler №8 was developed.
DTEK Burshtynskaya TPP Unit 7. Service maintenance of CCM has been carried out.