Certificate for the management system according to ДСТУ ISO 9001:2009 №UA2.171.09129-15


Control Systems Division
The main tasks of the division are:
  • Development, design,  installation, commissioning, testing, implementation and service of modern I&C systems of TPP and  NPP units;
  • Development, commissioning and service of process simulators for training of TPP operators;
  • Development of mathematical models of the technological equipment of TPP and NPP , for testing I&C systems and also as component of simulators.
Design Division
The main tasks of the division are:
  • Design of modern I&C systems of TPP and  NPP units;
  • Supervision during I&C systems installation;
  • Investigation of existing I&C systems, development the report with recommendations on their modernization and reconstruction.
Software and Hardware Division
The main tasks of the division are:
  • Development, design, assembling, installation, testing, of I&C systems hardware;
  • Software development and installation;
  • Software and hardware support.
Metrology and Quality Management Division
The main tasks of the division are:
  • Calibration of measuring channels of computer information systems and control systems.
  • Metrological expertise of design documentation.
  • Examination of existing measurements and development recommendations to improve reliability and accuracy.
  • Commissioning the field equipment and measurements of I&C systems.
  • Organization of quality management system of EMV-ENERGO at every stage of production processes.
  • Operational and methodological guidance regarding quality management work, including development of measures for the improvement of quality management system.
  • Planning, organization and participation in quality audits, development of reports on their results.
Planning and Economic Division
The main tasks of the division are:
  • Organization of planning and comprehensive economic analysis of the company to identify possibilities to increase sales, reduce production costs, and the cost of works (services);
  • Development of the contractual documentation;
  • Estimation of the design budget;
  • Logistical support of the contract;
  • Keeping records of executable works, sales and expenses, payroll and partner companies;
  • Analysis and selection of the best products suppliers for the department;
  • Organization of products delivery to customers;
  • Customs clearance of goods.
Participation in the certification of SARPCH block number 1,2,3 of Kharkiv TPP-5
Submitted projects on the central power regulator block number 3 and expansion of monitoring of Burshtyn TPP
Started work documentation SKU bl.№7, Slavic TPP
Maintenance of PTK of block number 3 of Kharkiv TPP-5 was carried out
Training of DTEK Zaporizhzhia TPP Specialists on PTK of ACS TP block number 1