Certificate for the management system according to ДСТУ ISO 9001:2009 №UA2.171.09129-15


Control Systems Division
The main tasks of the division are:
  • Development, design,  installation, commissioning, testing, implementation and service of modern I&C systems of TPP and  NPP units;
  • Development, commissioning and service of process simulators for training of TPP operators;
  • Development of mathematical models of the technological equipment of TPP and NPP , for testing I&C systems and also as component of simulators.
Design Division
The main tasks of the division are:
  • Design of modern I&C systems of TPP and  NPP units;
  • Supervision during I&C systems installation;
  • Investigation of existing I&C systems, development the report with recommendations on their modernization and reconstruction.
Software and Hardware Division
The main tasks of the division are:
  • Development, design, assembling, installation, testing, of I&C systems hardware;
  • Software development and installation;
  • Software and hardware support.
Metrology and Quality Management Division
The main tasks of the division are:
  • Calibration of measuring channels of computer information systems and control systems.
  • Metrological expertise of design documentation.
  • Examination of existing measurements and development recommendations to improve reliability and accuracy.
  • Commissioning the field equipment and measurements of I&C systems.
  • Organization of quality management system of EMV-ENERGO at every stage of production processes.
  • Operational and methodological guidance regarding quality management work, including development of measures for the improvement of quality management system.
  • Planning, organization and participation in quality audits, development of reports on their results.
Planning and Economic Division
The main tasks of the division are:
  • Organization of planning and comprehensive economic analysis of the company to identify possibilities to increase sales, reduce production costs, and the cost of works (services);
  • Development of the contractual documentation;
  • Estimation of the design budget;
  • Logistical support of the contract;
  • Keeping records of executable works, sales and expenses, payroll and partner companies;
  • Analysis and selection of the best products suppliers for the department;
  • Organization of products delivery to customers;
  • Customs clearance of goods.
1 Modernization the equipment of automatic regulation of power units №№1,2,3 Kharkiv TPP-5 in terms of transfer of new parameters according to the requirements of the Energy Market Rules.
2 Project works on technical re-equipment of ACS turbines and ACS frequency and power at Kyiv TPP-5 a...
1. Field equipment of the SME system of seven power units of Burshtyn TPP was installed
2. Developed and loaded into the controllers of the FS APCS for unit 11 of Moldova
3. Completed the commissioning of field equipment at the steam power plant of APCS unit №11 TPP of Moldova
Participation in the certification of SARPCH block number 1,2,3 of Kharkiv TPP-5
Submitted projects on the central power regulator block number 3 and expansion of monitoring of Burshtyn TPP